Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons:
Why Do You Absolutely Need One?

How many times has someone advised you to choose
board-certified plastic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery?

Learn Why

About Board Certification

You may be tired of hearing it, but it’s sage counsel.
You always have to select a plastic surgeon who’s board-certified so that you can ensure the quality and safety of your procedure.

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Why Should You Choose Board-Certified Surgeons?

While there are many certifying bodies for plastic surgeons, there’s only one that matters: the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

An ABPS-certified plastic surgeon means that he met all the requirements in his field, including two years of plastic surgery training in an accredited residency program and six months of practice in his chosen specialization.

But why does this certification even matter? Read on to understand why it’s important to only deal with board-certified surgeons and how you can select the right one.

A board-certified surgeon is trained well to perform surgery.

Just because one person is a doctor doesn’t mean he can perform surgery. Only a few medical specializations include surgical training, and that includes plastic surgery.

Board certified surgeons have at least five years of surgical training in medical school – three years in general surgery and two years in plastic surgery in an accredited residency program.

So, when it comes to surgery, plastic surgeons definitely know what they’re doing.

board-certified plastic surgeon is an expert in his fiel

A board certified surgeon is an expert in his field.

It’s not enough that your surgeon is trained; he also should have enough practice to become an expert in cosmetic surgery.

Thanks to their medical school training and post-graduate residency, plastic surgeons know everything about facial and body cosmetic procedures like liposuction, breast augmentation, and facelift.

But the more important thing is that he has keen aesthetic judgment, meaning he instinctively knows which procedure would produce the best results. It’s a product of plenty of years of training and skills development.

It is also important to choose board-certified surgeons with a reputation for a specific surgery. For example, if you want to get a nose lift, you will go to a surgeon who excels in that kind of surgery, not to someone whose specialty is breast augmentation.

A board-certified surgeon can perform plastic surgeries in hospitals.

Plastic surgeons often have clinics and facilities where they can operate, but only board-certified surgeons can be given the license to perform procedures in accredited hospitals and surgical centers.

After all, it’s a lot safer to do complex surgeries like body lifts and weight loss surgeries in hospitals.

board-certified plastic surgeon can handle emergencies

A board-certified surgeon can handle emergencies.

No one wants to have a surgical emergency, but at least you can rest easy knowing that your plastic surgeon is capable of dealing with medical emergencies.

Their extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology coupled with years of education and training makes them qualified to ensure your safety during emergency situations.

Selecting a Board-Certified Surgeon

How to Select a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Interview them.

The easiest way to know if you are dealing with a board-certified surgeon is to ask them. You can ask about their training, experience, and expertise, especially with regard to the procedure you’re eyeing.

Double-check their credentials.

To verify the truth of your plastic surgeon’s claims, visit the American Board of Plastic Surgery website and enter your surgeon’s name. If he’s licensed and certified, his name will appear in the list of certified plastic surgeons.

Research online.

Websites like RealSelf provide comprehensive reviews from previous patients, with matching photos and recovery details.
Keep in mind that not everything posted online is true. Be careful of plastic surgeons who manufacture fake positive reviews on their websites to drive sales.
Also, don’t hire a cosmetic surgeon based solely on what you see online. Be sure to go for a physical consultation first to make sure that you’re choosing the right plastic surgeon.

Ask for before and after photos.

Once you go for a physical consultation, ask your board-certified surgeon to show you before and after photos of his previous patients. These photos can help you manage expectations and give you an idea how you might look like after surgery.
However, keep in mind that every patient is different. What might work for one patient does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Again, discuss your expectations with your cosmetic surgeon.

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I had THE most amazing surgical experience with Dr. Masri and his team (Angie & Christina). I’ve never met a more professional, personable and caring doctor. He was always available to me (nights & weekends) post surgery and calmed me every fear. I Love this guy!!!!

Best surgeon with excellent results

I have been to many consultations and let me tell you that there has always been more cons than pros. But after meeting Dr. Masri for the first time I knew he was the right surgeon for me. I was referred to Dr. Masri by a previous client.

Tummy tuck & lipo to flanks

I am 5.5 weeks post op and I couldn't be happier with Dr. Masri's work. Great bedside manner and awesome office staff. I recommend him to everyone that has asked about my surgery. You will not regret it. Hopefully I will be able to update this review as more time passes.

Amazing Experience

What a amzing doctor his bedside manners is wonderful i couldn't ask for no matter what time of day him and his office staff would answer any question u have. I would refer anybody to him i give him a 100% Ty again Dr Nick Masri loving my results 3 week post-op Angie & Christine ur the Best


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